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Prescott Action Shooters
Presents the
7th Annual Northern Arizona Classic

Welcome to the 2014 Northern Arizona Classic web page. We are very excited to bring this 7th annual event to our valued members and supporters once again.

This year’s match will be held May 24th and 25th and promises to be our best match yet. We have been working hard to bring you this quality match and we have some exciting things planned for this year.

Registration is now closed and we have a number of folks still on the wait list. We are filling in slots as we can. Please keep checking your email if you are on the wait list. We will fill slots for another week or so and then be full for the match. If you are on the list and can no longer attend, please let us know that as well.

Stages for the match have been finalized and we believe we have some really fun stuff for this year's match. There will be 12 stages including a classifier shot over the two day event. The stages are sure to test your skills no matter your shooting level. The round count is 349 rounds, so start up the re-loader now. Expect to shoot 4 stages Saturday, Lunch, and another 4 stages. Sunday we will shoot the remaining 4 stages, enjoy lunch if you wish, raffle and awards to immediately follow.

Shooters are required to verify registration at the range and pick up your shooter bags prior to the match. The range will be open for this Friday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm and again Saturday morning at 7:00am.

The prize table is shaping up nicely as well. Besides our normal prize offerings, we have 4 guns that will be won this year.

We look forward to seeing you this Memorial Day weekend.

For shooters who wish to camp this year for the match, camping will be available at the Burro Inn, only 1 ½ miles from the range (and within crawling distance from the bar!). For information on this, contact Tom Clark, who has graciously agreed to help coordinate this effort. Tom’s number is 602 527 2298

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